IKE´s corner

Welcome to IKE´s corner, our first project in Brussels, nestled in a quiet neighborhood.
Josaphat Park is just around the corner. Surrounded by green, this project is a coveted spot in the city, well connected to Schaerbeek’s creative lifestyle hub. 

Thoughts on location

‘Neighborhood walks’ is a photo series by Thomas Driesen, local resident and connoisseur of the Josaphat area. Commissioned by ISTATE, Driesen documented the streets and flavors of the Josaphat area in his own quirky style. Living in Schaerbeek himself, Driesen loves to stroll around with his camera and capture the contrasts that make the neighborhood so fascinating. He finds the area to be all about contrasts - city versus green, rough versus sophisticated, and dark versus light. Through his photographs, Driesen offers a contemplative perspective on Schaerbeek's DNA and urban fabric, showcasing what makes this neighborhood his favorite place in Brussels.


Ever-dedicated to ambitious architecture and design, ISTATE teamed up with an open-minded architecture firm. This project marks our first collaboration with LOW architects – a young yet renowned design collective. Known for their no-nonsense and nonconventional approach to design, LOW created a spatial intervention that builds upon the heritage value of the site, revitalizing the building towards modern architecture.

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